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ANTH 224G: The Rise and Fall of the Maya - Sullivan

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A Maya lord forbids an individual from touching a container of chocolate.

Assignment: Annotated Bibliography

For this bibliography, you will provide four proper bibliographic citations (by different authors) followed by a paragraph where you briefly summarize and evaluate the information provided by each source. Each source should have its own page with the proper and correctly reference provided at the top of the page and the summary and evaluations underneath – see the example on next page for more detail. The primary goal of this assignment is for you to begin critically analyzing sources that you may use in your final research paper.

These four items must be primary sources (e.g., books, chapters from edited volumes, and journal articles) and not from encyclopedias, textbooks, dictionaries, websites, or popular magazines. And, these sources cannot be from readings that have already been assigned in class. Do NOT review an entire book. This assignment is designed to have you read and evaluate shorter selections of text. If you find a book of interest, you might consider reviewing just one chapter. You can later use other sections of the book in your final research paper due at the end of the semester. If you are unsure about one of your sources, ask me. Some good journals to search include the following:

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