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NURSNG 601: Advanced Nursing Concepts in Theory and Practice - Fawcett

AACN Essentials


Course Objectives

Related Program Objective(s)

Related AACN Essential

 1. Analyze the structure of nursing knowledge from an historical and contemporary basis.

2. Synthesize the theoretical basis of advanced nursing practice

3. Analyze concepts and theories from nursing and adjunctive disciplines as a basis for advanced practice nursing.

4. Evaluate the application of nursing models and theories n the current health care delivery system.

Relevant Nursing Master’s Degree Program Terminal Objectives

  1. Apply theories from nursing and other disciplines to the advanced practice care of individuals and families.
  2. Demonstrate competency in professional oral and written  communication.

Relevant AACN Essential: Essential V: Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice

Methods of Instruction

Lecture, discussion, individual and group learning activities

Methods of Evaluation

Course Examinations         58 points maximum

Online Assignment               2 points maximum

Term Paper                           40 points maximum



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