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ScholarWorks@UMass Boston: Author Pages -- Getting Started

Example: Editor Screen For Author Pages

The editor screen of Carol Hardy-Fanta's Author Page in ScholarWorks.

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Questions? Need Assistance?

Contact a ScholarWorks Administrator if you have any questions or if you need assistance.


Call: 617-287-5944

Getting Started: Setting Up Your Author Page In Scholarworks

Before your proceed, you will need to contact a ScholarWorks Administrator to create an Author Page. Email to do so.

For resources related to copyright, what you might include on your Authors Page in ScholarWorks, and more information, please visit

This system will variously refer to this page as your “SelectedWorks” site. Don’t worry: You’re in the right place.


1] Go to

2] Go to the “My Account” tab.

3] When logging in for the first time, enter your UMass Boston email address, but leave the password blank. Click “Login.” The system will automatically send you an email with a password so you can access the site.

4] Once you’ve successfully logged into the system, it is important to change your password to something you can remember. To do this, click on “Edit Profile” and enter your new password. On this page you can also change and/or update information such as your name, contact information, and institutional affiliation. Once you’ve changed your password and updated you profile information, make sure you save these changes by clicking “Update.” It will also be necessary at this time to log in again using your new password. Click on the “My Account” tab at the top of the screen and log in again to the system.

5] Now you’re ready to edit the content of, and post articles to, your site. Listed below is a breakdown of the options listed on the main administrative screen:

  • Edit Profile – Allows you to change personal information, such as name, address, passwords, institutional affiliation, etc.
  • Research Alerts – Allows you to change e-mail notifications and manage e-mail preferences.
  • Upload a Paper – Allows you to upload a new submission to your Authors Page (or SelectedWorks site, as this system will refer to it). When uploading a paper to your Author Page, you should enter, under “Institution,” your institutional affiliation at the time of this work’s publication.
  • Invite/Remove Subscribers – Allows you to invite colleagues and readers to be notified of new works.
  • Edit My Site – Where you can add to your site or make changes (everything but the URL is customizable). This is where you can add or update your CV, a picture, full-text downloads of articles you’ve published, records for articles you’ve published, where you can see if there are other papers that you authored or co-authored in repositories that you can collect to your site, and so much more.

Remember, for changes to be made visible on the site, click the green “Update Site” button on the “Edit My Site” screen.

To add someone as an Editor on your site, go to the “My Editors” tab on the “Edit My Site” screen and enter the name and email address of the individual or individuals to whom you would like to grant editing privileges.

If you need any assistance, email or call 617-287-2944.


This Library Guide on ScholarWorks, Scholarly Communication, and Open Access is maintained by Andrew Elder and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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