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NURSNG 616: Self-Paced Library Assignment

Electronic reference managers: Create a Mendeley or Zotero account and practice using it

Reference Managers

Citation management tools allow you to organize a personal database of resources that you can use to create citations and bibliographies. Mendeley and Zotero are free tools that you can use. Choose one

NOTE: Mac users have experienced issues using Mendeley.

Get Started with Mendeley

  1. Create a Mendeley account
  2. Install Mendeley Desktop on your computer
  3. Install the Web Importer for your browser
  4. Install Citation Plugin for Microsoft Word

Get Started with Zotero

  1. Create a Zotero account
  2. Download Zotero Desktop
  3. Install the Connector for your web browser
  4. Install the Word Processor Plugin for Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, or Google Docs

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