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NURSNG 616: Self-Paced Library Assignment

Step 3: Search for evidence related to a topic and a create a table of results

Review the following article

Shaw, J., Downe, S., & Kingdon, C. (2015). Systematic mixed methods review of intervention, outcomes, and experiences for imprisoned pregnant women. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 71(7), 1451-1463. doi: 10.1111/jan.12605

As you read the article, be aware of the elements or sections of this systematic review of the literature. Notice how these authors:

  1. Identify a topic;
  2. Provide background;
  3. Ask a question;
  4. Describe the methodology of the search;
  5. Discuss in detail, both in the table and the discussion, what the findings are.

We will be building on this basic foundation for your paper as we go forward over the semester.

Database Searching

Using the electronic database, PubMeddo a keyword search using the topic prenatal care. Review the results and highlight any articles you find that are in their references.

  1. Start with the broad term prenatal care and experiment by adding additional search terms (e.g. prison.) Take note of the difference in your yield.
  2. Try searching prenatal care; then search obstetrics and note the difference.
  3. Try setting limits on the search and see how that affects your results, but make sure all of your articles are related to maternity care.

Repeat the searches using CINAHL and see if you find different articles. 

Repeat the search using Ovid Nursing Database  again noticing if you find different articles.

  • NOTE: When logging into Ovid, only select Ovid Nursing Database for this exercise because filters do not apply to Ovid Full Text Journals @ UMass-Boston.

Record Search Results in a Table

  1. Create a table (example below) for this targeted search that traces the steps you performed in your database searches.
  2. Repeat the search you did in PubMed in the other databases
  3. Use the same keywords for each search in the other databases
  4. Use the same limits for each database




# of Citations






Obstetrics AND Opioid




Obstetrics AND Opioid 

Published in the last 5 years, English



Obstetrics AND Opioid

Published in the last 5 years, English, Adult: 19-44 years 144
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