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NURSNG 616: Self-Paced Library Assignment

Step 4: Create a bibliography and reflect on the assignment

Step 4

(A) Import at least 10 references from your search results into your Mendeley or Zotero account. The articles you post to should not be taken directly from the Shaw, Downe & Kingdon article (although some may overlap) but should reflect your search. Experiment with formatting in APA (most current edition) and in AMA (most current edition) style. Save the results of your search as a bibliography. Save to a Word document (.doc or .docx) or adobe (.pdf) and post the bib in both AMA and APA format.

(B) Write a reflection about this exercise. What did you learn? What did you notice about different search engines, key words, and setting limits? How did your search compare to Shaw, Downe, & Kingdon? What are the 3 most important things you learned from this assignment? What questions do you have outstanding?

(C) Include the table, reflection and bibliography (AMA and APA) in the same document and upload to the Assignment folder in Blackboard.

Grading is based on: a) evidence of a targeted search related to prenatal care and obstetrics, b) reference list formatted in APA (most current edition) and AMA (most current edition), c) table that tracks the search and d) substantive reflection.

Once you have successfully completed Step 4, you have completed the entire Nursing 616 Self-Paced Library Assignment.

Create Bibliography in Mendeley

  1. Open Mendeley Desktop
  2. Select the citations or folder for your bibliography
  3. Check that your citations are in alphabetical order by the first author's last name. If not, click on the Authors column. 
  4. Select View from the top menu, and select Library as CitationsView Citations in Mendeley
  5. Return to the View drop down menu, select Citation Style and choose American Psychological Association 
  6. Right click to Select All citations in your list
  7. Right click to copy citations, select Copy As then Formatted Citation Copy Mendeley Citatiosn
  8. Paste citations into a Word document 
  9. Repeat step 4 using using American Medical Association style
  10. Repeat steps 5-7

Be sure to proofread all your citations!

Citation tools, such as Mendeley, are not fool proof. Errors in capitalization are common. 

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