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Module 1: Beginning Your Research

Selecting a Topic

Frequently your instructor will ask you to choose your own research topic.  To help you get started, remember a research topic should be:

Manageable:  Do some preliminary investigative work to see if there's too much (or too little) information on the topic you've selected.

Related to your personal interests:   Choose a topic related to your personal interests.  It's likely that you'll put more effort into researching a topic that piques your curiosity and more effort can mean a better grade!

Try these sources for ideas:

  • Your class textbook or other class readings
  • Reference Sources: Cover just about every topic you can imagine. 
  • Journals: Browse in your area of interest.

Reference Sources

Reference sources are a great starting point for research and provide find background information on many subjects. Browse by subjects or search for a broad topic.

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