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Module 3: Finding Articles

How do I Find Scholarly Articles?

Frequently referred to as the invisible or deep web -- as opposed to the free web -- Healey Library's subscription Databases provide well organized and highly selective coverage of scholarly journals.

Some databases contain scholarly journals, exclusively. Others have a mix of scholarly journals, popular magazines, newspapers and other material.

To find scholarly articles in a library database:

  • Go to the Healey Library homepage
  • Click on Databases List from the menu on the left
  • Select a database by title, subject or material type.
  • If you are off-campus, you will be prompted to enter your campus username and password
  • If there is an option, select Peer-Reviewed or Scholarly Journal
  • Type your keywords in the search box 
  • In the results list, look for PDF or full text links to the article title
  • Click on the link to access the full article

To find scholarly articles in UMBrella:

  • From the Healey Library homepage, type your keywords into the UMBrella search box
    • For example: for articles about child abuse, type “child abuse” in the search box. Quotation marks around a phrase will search for that exact phrase.
  • Then select Articles under Material Type
  • Use the Availability filter to:
    • limit your results to articles that are immediately available, by checking Full Text Online
    • limit to peer-reviewed articles, by checking Peer-reviewed Journals
  • Click on an article title that interests you
  • Look under Find Online to see how you can access the article's full text
  • Click one of the links
  • If you are off campus, you will need to enter your campus username and password

Why Should I Use a Library Database or UMBrella?


  • High quality articles that are free.


  • Instead of spending time combing through screen after screen of Google results, database content has been evaluated by scholars and experts for accuracy, etc. 


  • You can search library databases online from your home/office 24/7.

Which Databases Should I Use?

Selecting which database to use can be confusing. If you don't know where to start, try UMBrella or a multidisciplinary database. These databases feature articles on a wide variety of topics.

To find databases in a particular subject area:

  1. Go to Databases & Indexes
  2. Choose a subject in the drop-down menu, All Subjects

Selecting Databases for Research

Another method for selecting databases is to use the Research Guides. Every major, minor, or subject offered by UMass-Boston has its own Research Guide.

Research Guide is a web resource, created by librarians, to help you do research.

Here are several links to subject specific Research Guides.

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