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Module 3: Finding Articles

Getting An Article From Another Library

Healey Library offers an InterLibrary Loan service that allows UMB faculty, students, and staff

can borrow materials (books, articles, films, etc.) -- not held by Healey Library --

from other libraries -- all for free!


How Do I Submit an InterLibrary Loan Request?

  • First you'll need a Library barcode;
  • Then, either through:

1) The Library's ILL's website


2) WorldCat database - an online catalog where you can search for materials at libraries throughout the world and initiate ILL requests.

  • Generally, ILL material takes 3-5 business days to arrive.

Requesting Interlibrary Loan

1) From ILL website:

  • From the library's homepage, go to InterLibrary Loan;
  • Use your library barcode number to log-in;
  • Select Copy Request (for articles) or Loan Request (for books or or material);
  • Complete the request form with as much information as possible and click [submit]

2) WorldCat ILL:

  • Go to
  • Search for a book or an article under keyword, title, or author in the basic search box;
  • Select "Libraries Worldwide" to get the most results:

  • Choose and click an item;
  • Scroll down to see if Healey Library has the item. If the library owns the item, you will not be able to request an interlibrary loan;
  • In this case, UMass-Boston does not own the item:

N.B. The Boston Library Consortium has a quicker response time (5-7 days) than Libraries Worldwide.

  • To request this item, scroll down to the Boston Library Consortium box
  • Check the item availability before you make your request;
  • Click on "Request Item"

  • Use the pull-down tab to select University of Massachusetts Boston
  • You'll then be prompted for your last name and your Healey Library barcode number

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