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Module 3: Finding Articles

Tricks To Use When Searching In The Databases

Here are a few Basic Search Tips:

  • Boolean Operators:         AND     OR

  • Quotation Marks:               “       ”       

  • Truncation:                             *

Boolean Operators:         AND     OR


  • Connects two or more words
  • Narrows a search
  • Google always uses AND, if you don’t “tell” it otherwise


  • Allows either word (or phrase) to be included somewhere in the search results
  • Broadens a search

Venn Diagram Example:

        pollution AND water                                                 pollution OR water

boolean operator AND example                          boolean operator OR example

The pink indicates search results.

Quotation Marks

To search for a phrase, use quotation marks.


  • Abstract Expressionism”
  • “French Revolution”
  •  “health care

Truncation *

Include an asterisk (*) at the end of a word stem to tell the database to search all possible variants of that word.


1. If you search for  educat*, alll the following words will be included:

       educate             educating           education

       educational        educator            educators

2. If you search for  art*, all the following words will be included even the irrelevant words.

              art               arts               artist   

           artists             artificial      artifacts

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