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Computers, Printing and Wireless in the Library

Computer Reservation System For The Healey Library

To enable us to better manage our public computers, assuring equal access for all, access to Healey Library computers is managed by a computer reservation system. When the computer stations are full, students register or reserve time at the computers using the Pharos Reservation Station. This will help us more fairly allocate computer time to better meet the high demand for this service. Find out how the Pharos Reservation Station works...

When there are idle computers available:

Current UMB Students, Faculty and Staff

Any workstation not already reserved may be used by signing in with your UMB E-mail address and password. Just walk up to the machine and log in!


Identification is required. Please check in with library staff at the closest library service desk. The staff member will ask you to sign in, and will log you in at a available computer (stations 1-4).  Please be sure to log off at the end of your session.

If all workstations are in use:

All patrons will be required to make a reservation at the Reservation Station located next to the IT help desk on the 4th floor of the library (just to the left of print station #1.)

  • Student Patrons should log into reservation station (left screen) using UMB E-mail address and password.
  • Guests will need to ask for assistance from reference desk staff to log into the reservation system.
  • Reservation Booking (right screen) will notify patron when a workstation becomes available and will specify the workstation number (this number is on top of each computer monitor.)  The reserved workstation's screen will flash orange.
  • Patron will have 10 minutes to verify reservation by re-entering credentials at the reserved workstation.
  • If reservation isn't confirmed within 10 minutes the reservation will re-assigned to next patron in the queue.

Rules for all Patrons:

  • Patrons must save their work on a personal flash drive or by emailing files to themselves. All work will be lost when your session ends!
  • There is a 2 hour limit for usage
  • If there are no others in the queue patrons are able to extend their session until another patron needs to use the work station.
  • Warnings at 10 minutes and 2 minutes before the end of the session are given via popup windows.
  • If you finish working before your two hours are up you must logout of the workstation for security reasons.  This is done by selecting logoff under the start button in the lower left corner of the windows desktop. (this can also be accomplished with the windows key + l shortcut)

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