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HIST 211: Foundations of Western Civilization - Brink: Databases & More

Library Databases

Frequently referred to as the invisible / deep web -- as opposed to the free web (think Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, etc), Healey Library's proprietary databases provide highly selective coverage of periodical literature, government publications, handbooks, etc.

▪ Healey Library spends over $1.5 million/year to offer these databases to UMB students and faculty.

▪ Click here for a complete list of the library's subscription databases & indexes.

▪ If you are searching from off-campus, you will be prompted for your last name and Healey Library barcode number.

Library Databases

Small sampling of Healey Library databases relevant to your Hist 211 research tasks 


  • Good starting points for many topics;
  • Both are large databases covering scholarly journals, newspapers, and popular magazines in all subject areas;
  • Main coverage is of recent publications (last 10-20 years);
  • Many of the resources are available full text in both PDF and HTML formats.


  • Nearly a million biographical entries - covering more than 525,000 individuals - from throughout history, around the world, and across all disciplines and subject areas;
  • Search by occupation, nationality, ethnicity, gender birth/death year, and/or birth/death place;
  • Includes lengthy biographies and brief biographical sketches from respected reference sources and newspaper and magazine articles.


  • Covers history of the world (excluding the US and Canada) focusing on the 15th century forward;
  • Including world history, military history, women's history, history of education, and more;
  • Scholarly sources. 


  • Full text,scholarly journals dating back to the 19th century


  • Wide-ranging collection of critically acclaimed documentaries that allow for exploration of human history from earliest civilizations to late twentieth century;
  • Covering Africa and the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Oceania. 

Beyond The Library

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