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ENGL 272G: Art of Poetry - Jordan

Searching MLA

Try a Names (Author) as Subject search

Once in the MLA database, click on Names as Subjects. By conducting this search you will get articles about the poet covering their writing style, topic and comparisons with other writers.

MLA search

Type in the name of the poet, last name first and click Browse. Check the box next to the poets names and hit Search.

MLA search for author

Your search results will be articles about their work. narrow to peer-review articles.

MLA search results

Alternatively you can start in the search box by typing in the poets name. Once the searches are displayed choose an article with the poet's name and scroll down to the Subject area, find the name and click on it. This triggers the names as subject search.


Additional Databases

Healey Library | University of Massachusetts Boston | 100 Morrissey Blvd | Boston, MA | 02125-3393 | 617-287-5900