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ANTH 247: Ancient Cities and States - Sullivan

Ask a Librarian

The library staff is here to help you find any book, article or material that you need to succeed with your papers and projects.

Getting an Article

While some databases include the full text of articles, others only provide citations. Citations may include a link to the full text which will take you to the complete article. For help getting an article, follow these steps:

  • Check if the library has a subscription to the journal through the Journal Finder.


Recommended Resources

Search Tips

Your topic will help determine where to search.

If you topic is BROAD, Aztec government for example, use small databases. Anthropology Plus is a good place to start.

If your topic is very NARROW, for example, the female goddesses in Teotihuacan, use a large database like JSTOR, Google Scholar and/or WorldCat.

If your topic is somewhere in the middle or you aren't sure, start with JSTOR. It is a large database but you can narrow your search to specific subject areas, such as Anthropology, Archaeology and/or Latin American Studies.

There are a few search strategies which will work in most databases.

Use an asterisk (*) after a word to retrieve all of its variations.

  • For example, politic* will find the words political, politics, politician and politicians

Use "quotation marks" to search for a phrase. This will limit the number of results you receive. It is particularly useful in JSTOR and Google Scholar.

  • For example "social stratification"

Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT)

AND - narrows a search; Use to combine key concepts, for example: Andes AND organization

OR - broadens a search; Use to add concepts, for example: politics OR government 

NOT - excludes search term(s). Use to eliminate a concept, for example:  Chaco NOT Argentina Use sparingly!

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