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Honors 210G E 104: Knowing Boston - Corman: Home

This course is an Intermediate Seminar offered through the Honors College. Only one IS may be taken for credit. If you have taken another 200G-level course in any department at UMB, you cannot receive credit for this one.

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Prof. Catherine Corman

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Honors 210G E 104 Spring 2015: Knowing Boston

Prof. Catherine Corman

T-TH 9:30-10:45 AM, McCormack 02-0209


To find readings, viewings, and listenings, and to submit assignments, please go to course Blackboard site.

 As the course title suggests, this is a class designed to allow students to know Boston.  Rather than serving as a general overview, the course invites students to grapple with the concept of knowing and to embrace multiple academic disciplines to explore this city’s stories. We’ll start the semester by getting acquainted with the chronology and cartography of Boston, and then we’ll adopt three disciplinary lenses through which to view The Hub: public history, environmental + urban studies, and community studies.

 We’ll cover topics including the politics of Boston’s public history, the Freedom Trail and alternatives, the lack of a public memorial marking the trial of Sacco and Vanzetti, concepts of nature, the philosophy and work of landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted and the creation of Boston’s Emerald Necklace, the layout of Boston’s transportation networks and neighborhoods, urban renewal and the battle to block the extension of I-95 into the heart of the city, the potential for climate change to turn Boston into “Venice on the Charles,” explorations of concepts of community, perspectives on Civil Rights and the history of Boston’s racially divided schools, the transformation of Southie, and neighborhood conflict. 

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