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PHIL 109G: Moral Debate in Society - Farion


Research Tips

  1. Locating death penalty data for the 1950's and 1960's involves more steps than locating death penalty data for the 1990's.
  2. You're searching for statistics re: the number of executions, NOT the number of inmates on death row.
  3. Often, statistical data is NOT available neatly organized by decade and state/country.
  4. Consider searching for various terms, such as "capital punishment", "death row", "death penalty", and/or executions.
  5. Ctrl-F is your friend! This handy keyboard shortcut allows you to search for a word or phrase within a webpage or document. "Control + F" (clicking on the "Ctrl" key and "F" key on your keyboard) allows you to search for your keyword (for example, try opening a PDF, then clicking Ctrl-F to bring up a search box, then type in a word or phrase like capital punishment to see if that phrase appears anywhere in the document you're looking at).
  6. If you are having a hard time finding death penalty statistics for a particular country, DO NOT ABANDON your country and pick another one - use this as inspiration to look into WHY this country's information may be so hard to find (its history, regional conflicts, etc.). This may ultimately be more interesting than finding & reporting a number.
  7. Document where you are finding your information!

Use this selection of resources to find the data you need to successfully complete your assignment. This is not a comprehensive list, but just a sampling of vetted sources related to your topic. 

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Additional Resources

Healey Library | University of Massachusetts Boston | 100 Morrissey Blvd | Boston, MA | 02125-3393 | 617-287-5900