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EJOR Special Issue on Community Operational Research: Keywords

Special Issue of the European Journal of Operational Research


3D-COR Conflict Resolution Group Decisions and Negotiations Operational Research in Developing Countries Social Capital
Action Research Constructed Conversations Healthcare OR for Community Development Social Innovation 
Actor Network Theory Co-production of Knowledge Model Hotspots  OR in Environment and Climate Change Social Value
Analytics Crime  Hybrid Forums OR in Government Soft OR
Arts-Based Methodology Critical Systems Thinking Indigenous Peoples OR in Health Services Soft Systems Methodology
Boundary Critique Cultural Heritage  Indigenous-Oriented Ethics OR in Natural Resources Spatial SWOT Analysis
Business Analytics Methodology Data Mining  Inequality OR in Organization Theory  Structured Democratic Dialogue 
Business Modelling  Decision-Making Informal learning OR in Societal Problem Analysis Sustainable Energy
Capability Approach Definition of OR Institutional Analysis  Participation Systems Thinking
Citizen Science Developing Countries Integration and Implementation Sciences (I2S) Peace Trafficking
Climate Change Development Interdisciplinarity Place-Based Transformation
Co-Creation Disaster  Kaupapa Māori Research Poverty Tsunami 
Collective Efficacy Discrete Choice Models Lean Problem Structuring Methods Uncertainties
Community Development Distributed Decision Making Mauri Model  Process of OR Youth
Community Operational Research Education MCDA Professional Identity  
Community Organizations Engaged OR MILP Research Funding  
Community-Based Operations Research Ethics  Mobile Dentistry Resilience  
Complex Problems Food Deserts  Multi-Methodology  Resource Allocation   
Complexity Theory Game Theory Network Design Responsible Business Practice   
Configuration Method  Gender Networks Self-Organisation  
(Re)defining COR Theoretical and methodological innovations Prevention is Better than Cure: Working with Youth  Working with Indigenous Peoples
 Actor Network Theory 3D-COR Community operational research Community Operational Research
Capability approach Action Research Conflict resolution Decision Making Framework
Community-Based Operations Research Analytics Critical systems thinking Distributed decision making
Community Operational Research Arts-based methodology Decision-making Group decisions and negotiations
Configuration method Business analytics methodology Education Indigenous Peoples
Co-production of Knowledge Model Business modelling Ethics in Community OR Kaupapa Maori Research
Definition of OR Climate Change Indigenous-oriented Ethics OR for community development
Engaged OR Community Development Operational research in developing countries OR in developing countries
Hybrid Forums Community Operational Research OR in Developing Countries OR in societal problem analysis 
Participation Complexity theory Peace Process of Operational Research: Soft Systems Methodology
Problem Structuring Methods Constructed Conversations Resilience  
Process of OR Data mining Trafficking  
Social innovation Development Transformation  
Social Value Disaster  Youth  
Soft OR Education    
  Game theory    
  Informal learning    
  Institutional analysis    
  OR for community development    
  OR in natural resources    
  OR in organization theory    
  Participatory Research    
  Problem structuring methods    
  Soft systems methodology    
  Structured democratic dialogue    
  Systems Thinking    
Urban and community development and planning Rural Development New frontiers, emerging trends and interfaces with other practices and disciplines
Collective efficacy Community operational research Analytics
Community operational research Community-based operations research Boundary critique
Crime Cultural heritage Boundary Critique
Food deserts Discrete choice models Citizen Science
Hotspots MCDA [multi-criteria decision analysis] Co-creation
Inequality MILP [mixed-integer linear programming] Community Operational Research
OR for community development Mobile dentistry Community-Based Operations Research
OR in government Multi-methodology Complex problems
Place-based Network design Developing countries
Problem structuring OR in health services Healthcare
Social capital Spatial SWOT Analysis Integration and Implementation Sciences (I2S)
Soft OR Sustainable energy Interdisciplinarity
  Uncertainties  Lean
    Operational Research in Developing Countries
    OR in Environment and Climate Change
    OR in health services
    Problem Structuring Methods
    Professional identity
    Research funding
    Resource allocation
    Responsible business practice
    Soft systems methodology
    Systems Thinking
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