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Creating Links to Library Resources: Home

Create permanent links for course material

Create links to articles, books, films and searches

To comply with vendor licensing agreements and accessibility best practices, please link directly to electronic content rather than posting downloaded files, such as pdfs.

Copying and pasting links directly from the address bar in the library's electronic resources can be problematic. Often these links are temporary and won't link back to the original source. Once you have created a persistent link, you can add it to your Blackboard site, LibGuide, Wiki or any other place you use a URL (web address). The following instructions will allow student access to material without violating copyright restrictions.


Persistent Links/URLs

  • Also called durable, permanent, stable, standalone link, document URL, or permalink
  • Require a proxy server address to access subscription resources
  • Some databases provide persistent links with this proxy address and others do not
  • Don't copy the URL from the address bar unless instructed. These addresses may work temporarily but are likely to be inaccessible at a later date or from off campus.


Proxy Server Address

This address allows users access subscription material from off-campus. If the proxy address is not included in the persistent link, then it needs to be added to the front of the URL. When adding this proxy address to another URL make sure there are no spaces between the two. For example JSTOR provides a stable link, like Then you need to add the proxy server address to the front, so it will look like this:

Persistent Links


Linking Instructions and Examples

Alexander Street Press

Click on Embed/Link underneath the video and copy link

BrowZine Journals & Subjects

Copy the URL in the address (navigation) bar

CQ Researcher

Add to the document URL at the end of report

Credo Article

Click on the link icon in the toolbar and copy the URL

Credo Books

Click on the link icon in the toolbar and copy the URL


A digital object identifier (DOI) can be used to link to electronic articles. Add following URL to the beginning of the DOI

Ebook Central Books

Click on Share Link to Book on the left side menu

Ebook Central Book Chapters & Pages

Click on the Share Link icon in the toolbar from any chapter or page in the book

EBSCO Articles, Books & Journals

Click on Permalink under Tools on the right side of the screen and copy the URL.

EBSCO Search

Click on the Share button then copy the Permalink at the bottom of the window
Films on Demand - Videos 

Click on Embed/Link underneath the video and copy the Record URL

Films on Demand -Collections

Select a collection and a Page Link will appear to the left of the collection name

Gale – Academic OneFile

Click on Get Link on the right

Google Scholar Searches

Copy the URL in the address (navigation) bar

Journal Finder

Click on Permalink under journal information and copy the permalink.


Add to the Stable URL under the publisher


Click on Share underneath the video and copy link

NexisUni - Articles & Sources

Copy document URL found in the “Actions” link next to the article title.  Copy “link to this page” and add to the link

Oxford Art & Music Online

Add to URL in (navigation) bar

Ovid Articles

Click the Email Jumpstart under the Tools menu. Copy the Jumpstart URL in the pop-up window and add to the URL.  

Project MUSE

Add to URL in navigation bar


Copy Document URL which is located under the Abstract or Details tab

ProQuest Search

Go to Recent Searches and select Actions, next to the search. Select Get link and copy.


Copy the URL in the address (navigation) bar


Copy the URL in the address (navigation) bar


Copy the URL in the address (navigation) bar

UMBrella Records

Click on Permalink under Send to in the middle of the item record screen and copy the URL 

WorldCat Records

Click on Link next to the item record screen and copy the item URL.

If you encounter any problems with these persistent links, contact Ask a Librarian.

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