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Nurul Aman, PhD

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Financial institutions and Stock Markets

This is the Seventh Library App for Econ 331: Money and financial Institutions

This App will focus on the seventh subject dealt with in Econ 331: Financial institutions and Stock Markets.

Image: Lower Manhattan circa 1903. "New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size. 

* Note in the lower left hand corner of htis picture, across Wall Street from the nearly-finished NYSE was the office of a (then) far greater power - J.P. Morgan himself. Four years later, Morgan would almost singlehandedly rescue the world's economy from the Panic of 1907. The near-disaster would teach Morgan and many others of the need for what would soon become the Federal Reserve Banking System.

J.P. Morgan: Inspiration for the Federal Reserve

Mergent Online

Mergent Online is the Library's most comprehensive database for United States company information, such as financial spreadsheets, SEC filings, annual reports, and historical data.

  • Mergent Online Tutorial (4 min)
    Learn more about using Basic and Advanced Search features in this Flash tutorial.
  • Mergent Online Help Guide (HTML)
    Browse the help topics webpage to find out more about specific features and functions of this resource.

Value Line Research Center

Value Line provides analysis on approximately 1700 individual stocks and more than 90 industries.   It is a "proven forecaster of stock price performance over the next 6 to 12 months."  Use this database to locate financial information for large and mid-cap U.S. public companies including historical financials and forecasted projections, market performance, analyst consensus, beta, key ratios, business description, and commentary on current operations and future prospects. Also includes one page reports for each industry group.Click on Lookup  in the left menu. Click on the pdf of the industry. A table with composite numbers is at the bottom left hand side of the page.

Value Line is an authoritative resource and has been analyzing the stock market for over 70 years. 

The Giant Pool of Money

"The Giant Pool of Money" is an award-winning episode of the radio show This American Life which originally aired on May 9, 2008.

A special program about the housing crisis produced in a special collaboration with NPR News. We explain it all to you. What does the housing crisis have to do with the turmoil on Wall Street? Why did banks make half-million dollar loans to people without jobs or income? And why is everyone talking so much about the 1930s?

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