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ENGL 262G -- Art of Literature -- Prasad

Paper #2 Guidelines

Rough Draft Due: Monday, November 8th, 8:00AM (Bring a copy to class)
Final Paper Due: Friday, November 12th, 8:00AM (Submit on Blackboard)

Explanation: This paper will be an assessment of your close reading skills of Frankenstein. In
this paper, you will be asked to formulate a thesis and support it with close readings of passages
from the text. In addition, you will be required to use evidence from a critical essay about the
text. We will spend time in class learning about using the Healey Library to find critical essays
and incorporating them into papers. As with the last paper, you will receive one point of extra
credit if you bring your paper to the Writing Center.

Prompts (Choose one):

  • Victor and the monster have important similarities and differences in Frankenstein. Do they become more similar as the events of the story take place? How does their relationship change?
  • Victor explains that his tragic fate at the end of the novel is due to his pursuit of knowledge. Do you think this is the true cause of his suffering? What does the novel say about the pursuit of knowledge?
  • What is the role of women characters in Frankenstein? Do they play a central role in the events of the story? Why or why not?
  • Other (please confirm your choice with me!)

Paper requirements

  • 3-4 pages, double spaced
  • 12 pt font, Times New Roman
  • Bibliography (Not included in the 3-4 page requirement)
  • MLA 8 formatting and citation style
  • Page numbers
  • At least 3 quotations or references from the text
  • At least 1 quotation from a critical essay about the text
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