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Lean Library

How it Works

The best way to learn about Lean Library is to just install it and go about your research. You will notice helpful pop-up alerts to let you know how you can access Library-subscribed context.  Here are some ways Lean Library can help you:

Get access to content we have licensed access to

When you land on a content licensed by Healey Library, you will get a pop-up prompting you to authenticate to get access.

Try visiting page with the Get Access Lean Library Pop-up appearing on the top right

Find alternative access to articles and ebooks

If there is no access to the article or book through the current site, Lean Library helps find alternative access in another Healey Library-licensed resource or through open access channels. For books, Lean Library will take the ISBN on a page and match it up to our holdings. This also works with Amazon, Google, and Outlook (web)!

Try it out by running an Amazon search for Presumed incompetent the intersections of race and class for women in academia 

amazon page for a book with Lean Library pop-up on the top right with button to get ebook access.

Improved Google Scholar experience

You will notice our Find It@UMBrella links appearing beside some full text. Run a search - engineering education for women- in Google Scholar to test it out .

google scholar search results with Lean Library pop-up.

Improved PubMed experience

Lean Library will look up full text access for the articles you’re interested in. Healey Library’s Find It links will appear on the records for the articles. Test this out by going straight to and looking up an article. For example, Mass coral bleaching causes biotic homogenization of reef fish assemblages.

pubmed screen with lean library pop-up

A convenient link to Interlibrary Loan

When Lean Library finds that full text isn’t available for the article you’re looking for, a Request Article pop-up will appear to guide you to making an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request. The ILL form would prepopulate with all the necessary article details. No need for copying and pasting.

Test this out by trying to find full text access to the article, A Systematic Review of Seizure-Freedom Rates in Patients With Benign Epilepsy of Childhood With Centrotemporal Spikes Receiving Antiepileptic Drugs

article page with Lean Library pop-up providing option to Request Article

Highlight & Search in UMBrella

With Lean Library, you can highlight any text on a webpage and search it in UMBrella. Do this by using the context menu of your browser, i.e. by right-clicking on a webpage. Select the Search UMBrella @ Healey Library option from the menu.screenshot of browser context menu when highlighting some words and right-clicking

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