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Lean Library

For faster, simpler access to library content whenever, wherever you need it – use the Lean Library browser extension.

Download Lean Library Extension 

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What is Lean Library?

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Lean Library is a browser extension that provides quick and simple access to Library-subscribed full-text content. When you’re on a website that contains library-subscribed content, the browser extension will notify you that library access exists and provide you with the Get Access button to prompt you to authenticate with your UMass Boston login. If we do not have full-text access, then the extension will provide a link to InterLibrary Loan.

You don’t have to interrupt your workflow to find Healey Library; Healey Library will find you!

How to Install

  1. Go to the Lean Library Download page.
  2. Select the download button that corresponds with the browser you are using.

    If you use multiple browsers, you will need to do this for each browser. Lean Library can be installed on most laptop, chromebook, and desktop browsers. For mobile devices/tablets, Lean Library is available on mobile devices via specific browser apps: for more information

  3. Install the extension. Follow the prompts.
  4. Once you arrive at the Settings, select your institution: “University of Massachusetts Boston”. Click “Save”. If you have access at other institutions, you can add a secondary institution. The checkboxes are already set to their recommended settings. 
  5. You’re ready to go. Search for articles and journals on any search engine!

Data and Privacy

Lean Library knows what web pages the library pays to access and activates when you reach one of those web pages. Lean Library's privacy policy emphasizes that they take your privacy seriously with this statement: We will NOT collect any personal information unless you actively share it with us. We will NOT collect your IP address or your device’s unique device IDs. By using the Extension you will remain completely anonymous. For more information please see the Lean Library Privacy Policy.

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