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Lean Library FAQs

I am using Incognito/Private Mode. The extension does not seem to be available there.

By default, browsers do not allow extensions in incognito mode because they cannot prevent extensions from recording browsing history. Lean Library does not record browsing history. You can enable specific extensions to show up in incognito/private mode. You can find information on how to do this by searching enable extension in private mode and the name your browser.

Do I have to select my library every time I use it?

No, it is saved in your browser profile account. If you use multiple browser profiles, you will find that you have to enable and select your library for each profile account.

What does the setting, “Automate my authentication and skip associated pop-ups” do? And why do pop-ups still show up when I have this option selected?

This setting reduces the number of pop-ups you get by skipping pop-ups for those resources where Lean Library can provide access by just redirecting you to the version of the url that allows off-campus access. Toggling "Automate my authentication and skip associated pop-ups” on will let Lean Library automatically redirect  you instead of providing a pop-up asking you if you want to get access. If you want to maintain control over when you want the page to automatically redirect, you should leave this toggle off.

I notice that it takes a while to pop up. Why is that?

How fast a pop-up takes depends on several factors: 1. Your internet speed 2. The number of extensions installed in your browser 3. The number of tabs opened 4. The processing power of your computer 5. How fast the page loads (the pop-up loads after the page is loaded) 6. The UMBrella search (in many cases, the extension runs a search in UMBrella in the backend).  See minimal technical requirements.

I don’t see the Lean Library icon in my browser toolbar.

It's probably not pinned to your browser toolbar.  In Chrome: click on pushpin beside your extension to pin it to the browser toolbar.

The pop-up tells me to “Get access to this site!”, but I already have access!

For certain library resources, if you have visited them at some point using VPN, a browser cookie from that visit is stored giving you access. However, Lean Library can’t read that cookie. You can just close the pop-up. You can also resolve this issue by leaving the site and clearing your browser cookies before visiting the site again.

I didn’t get a pop-up, but when I click on the Lean Library icon, it says I have access. What is happening?

If you’re on campus or on VPN and are on one of the sites where the library has licensed access to resources, you will get the “Success, you have access!” message when you click on the extension icon. This particular message does not pop-up since you don’t have to perform an additional action for access.

I know the library has access to this site, but I’m not getting a pop-up.

Please reach out to with a description of the path you took to access the site, the browser used, and whether you were on VPN.

What accessibility features does Lean Library offer?

You can enlarge or downsize the extension pop-up text and use keyboard shortcuts. Learn more from the Lean Library site's FAQs about Accessibility Features. 

Not finding your answer in the FAQs? 
Check out the vendor's own FAQs. Please feel free to reach out to us at with your Lean Library questions, concerns, or suggestions.
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