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Open Access for Africa: Databases Help

Open access resources for students and health workers in developing countries

How to get full text articles on PubMed

Watch this 2 minute video on how to get full text articles on PubMed

More Help on Using PubMed

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Help on Using Up To Date

Medscape Help

Search 101

Search Engines are gateways through which we search for online documents. When we type specific key words for a document, search engines return a list of the documents where the keywords were found. Knowing how to navigate through these crucial online gateways will prove an invaluable skill in your quest to be an online search guru. 

Harnessing Lead Search Engines

If you wish to do an online search beyond simple keywords, you will need to use boolean operators and truncation. Search Strategies is a video tutorial that enhances your grasp of these seemingly frightening terms. 

Although boolean operators and truncation relatively apply in the same way across search engines, some fundamental differences exist. Google, Yahoo & Exalead Search Tutorial provides a brief overview and key features.


Boolean Searching

This video gives you a 4 minute orientation on how to optimize your online search by proper use of simpe but critical words called boolean operators.

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