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Scholarly Articles and Journals

Library Databases

Frequently referred to as the invisible or deep web -- as opposed to the free web -- Healey Library's subscription databases provide well organized and highly selective coverage of scholarly journals.

Some databases contain scholarly journals, exclusively. Others have a mix of scholarly journals, popular magazines, newspapers and other material. In these databases, you can limit your search to scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals.

Scholarly ONLY

Scholarly and Popular BOTH

Finding Scholarly Articles

To find scholarly articles in a library database:

  • Go to the Healey Library homepage
  • Click on Databases List from the menu on the left
  • Select a database by title, subject or material type
  • If you are off-campus, you will need to enter your campus username and password
  • If there is an option, select Peer-Reviewed or Scholarly Journal
  • Type your keywords in the search box 
  • In the results list, look for PDF or full text links to the article title
  • Click on the link to access the full article

To find scholarly articles in UMBrella:

  • From the Healey Library homepage, type your keywords into the UMBrella search box
    • For example: for articles about child abuse, type “child abuse” in the search box. Quotation marks around a phrase will search for that exact phrase.
  • Then select Articles under Material Type
  • Use the Availability filter to:
    • limit your results to articles that are immediately available, by checking Full Text Online
    • limit to peer-reviewed articles, by checking Peer-reviewed Journals
  • Click on an article title that interests you
  • Look under Find Online to see how you can access the article's full text
  • Click one of the links
  • If you are off campus, you will need to enter your campus username and password

Getting an Article

While some databases include the full text of articles, others only provide citations. Citations may include a link to the full text which will take you to the complete article. For help getting an article, follow these steps:

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