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Module 6: Evaluating Sources

Evaluating Newspapers & Popular Magazines

First you need to identify the type of information you need for your assignment, then find the appropriate publication(s) in which to find this material.

Newspapers & Popular Magazines

Newsweek and People magazine covers

  • Written by journalists who often consult with experts
  • Coverage of current events, current-interest issues and activities, often broad in treatment, and easy to read
  • Usually includes advertising, illustrations, photos, and may be attractive and entertaining
  • Do not usually provide references to other works (i.e. a bibliography)
  • Can be a source of useful background information, particularly when there is little other information on a topic available elsewhere
  • Not scholarly


Most news oriented magazines and newspapers try to present unbiased information.

If you are looking for opinions, you may want research periodicals that express particular points of view, such as Christianity Today and The New Republic.

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