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UMBrella Help

UMBrella is our library catalog and search tool, allowing you to search for articles, books, videos, digital media, and more all in one place. It is available from the library homepage

How do I find My Library Account?

1) Click on Menu in the upper-right corner of UMBrella, then click on MY LIBRARY ACCOUNT, then sign in with your UMass Boston email and password. 



2) Click on "Sign in" next to the Menu button or on the yellow banner below the UMBrella search box and above your results.

How do I use My Library Account?

After signing in with your UMass Boston email and password, you will see your My Library Account overview. For example:

From this overview, you can perform actions, such as renewing all library items you have checked out.

Note: You will only see the Renew option if you are allowed to renew books. For more information, see our Circulation Policies.
You can renew individual items by selecting the Loans tab of My Library Account, as seen below:

Login Errors

Some older operating systems and/or browsers may experience unexpected login behavior, especially when using mobile devices. If you see the login error message below, please ensure that you have the latest operating system, security updates, and browser version(s) installed on your computer or device.

You may also use another browser. Both Chrome and Firefox will work with UMBrella single sign-on.

If you continue to encounter this error, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Login Error Message

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