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UMBrella Help

UMBrella is our library catalog and search tool, allowing you to search for articles, books, videos, digital media, and more all in one place. It is available from the library homepage

How do I use the Advanced Search box?

UMBrella Advanced Search

Use the Advanced Search to limit your keyword search to specific fields, such as title or author, and to narrow your search from the start by material type, language, and/or publication date.

Simplify your search options at any time by clicking on Simple Search on the right side.

Select a Field

Click on the Any field drop-down menu to specify where UMBrella searches for your keywords. Options include: Title; Author/creator; Subject (a main topic of the work); ISBN (used for books); ISSN (used for journals, newspapers, etc.); and Call Number (LCC).

contains/is (exact)/starts with

Click on the contains drop-down menu to choose how UMBrella searches for your keywords in the selected field. Options include:

  • contains - includes the keyword(s) provided, in any order
  • is (exact) - has the keyword(s) in the exact order provided
  • starts with - starts with the keyword(s) provided (NOTE: limited to title searching)

Material Type

Click on the All items drop-down menu to limit your search to a specific material type. Options include: books, articles, journals, images, and video. 

NOTE: This is an incomplete list of material types. For more options, perform your search and then use the Material Type facet in the Sort & Filter Results area on the left side of your results.


Click on the Any language drop-down menu to choose the language in which your search results are written.

NOTE: This is an incomplete list of languages. For more options, perform your search and then use the Language facet in the Tweak My Results area on the left side of your results.

Publication Date

Click on the Any year drop-down menu to limit your results by publication date. Options include: specific date (use to specify a date range and select start and end days, months, and years), Last year, Last 2 years, Last 5 years, Last 10 years, and Last 20 years.

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