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EJOR Special Issue on Community Operational Research: Author demographics

Special Issue of the European Journal of Operational Research

Characteristics of Special Issue Lead Authors

Our field, and many others, seeks to embrace diversity in many forms. We believe that as more, and more varied voices, especially those of traditionally-underrepresented groups, contribute to scholarly inquiry and research-informed practice, the stronger, more vibrant and higher-impact will our discipline become. Therefore, we summarize the demographic characteristics of lead authors in this Special Issue. 

By gender, our lead authors are more diverse than the operations research/management science/decision science/systems science fields as a whole: 56% of lead authors are male, while 46% are female. 

There is less diversity by race and ethnicity, however. We estimate that 71% of all lead authors are white/Caucasian, while 19% are black/African/African descent, while 6% are Hispanic/Latino and 3% are Asian.

Considering the country of current residence for lead authors, we observe dominance by developed countries: 68% of lead authors reside in Europe, 16% reside in North America, 10% reside in Australasia, and 3% apiece reside in Africa and South America. 

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