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Environmental Sciences

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Climate Change and Global Warming Collection from Green Planet Films
This is a video collection about Climate Change and Global Warming from Green Planet Films.

Massachusetts Releases Climate Change Adaptation Report

Section 9 of The Global Warming Solutions Act, passed by the Massachusetts Legislature and signed by Governor Deval Patrick in 2008, directed the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) to convene an advisory committee to develop a report, analyzing strategies for adapting to the predicted changes in climate.

The Climate Change Adaption Report, prepared by EEA and the Massachusetts Climate Change Adaptation Advisory Committee, is the first broad overview of climate change as it affects Massachusetts, the impacts of this change, vulnerabilities of multiple sectors ranging from natural resources, infrastructure, public health, and the economy. It also provides an analysis of potential strategies that could better prepare us for this changing world.

The report is organized into two parts. Part I includes an overview of the observed and predicted changes to Massachusetts’ climate and their anticipated impacts, key findings, a set of guiding principles to follow, and key adaptation strategies that cut across multiple sectors. Part II is organized into five broad areas, describing for each area the vulnerabilities to climate change and outlining adaptation strategies that could help increase resilience and preparedness.

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