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Business Case Studies

There are two kinds/levels of case studies. Those you find in business journals may be shorter or reviews of actual published case studies. Individually published Case Studies will be longer and more in depth

There are a number of places and ways to search for case studies depending on your field of research. Some general tips are to:

  • check the advanced search page for an option to limit your search by document type or methodology,
  • search case studies or case study in the subject, descriptor or title field,
  • add ("case studies" OR "case study") to any search including the parenthesis and quotation marks.

You can search for Harvard Business School Case Studies but due to copyright restrictions, libraries cannot purchase Harvard Business School case studies or put them on reserve. Students can purchase them directly.

Here are a several databases and websites that contain case studies.

Healey Library | University of Massachusetts Boston | 100 Morrissey Blvd | Boston, MA | 02125-3393 | 617-287-5900