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InterLibrary Loan & Document Delivery Policies and Procedures: Illiad Statuses

This guide provides information about the InterLibrary Loan and Document Delivery functions that Healey Library serves to its patrons.

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InterLibrary Loan office hours:
8:30am - 4:30pm, Mon - Fri
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Guide to Statuses in Your Illiad Account

Awaiting Copyright Clearance

The article or book chapter request being reviewed to determine copyright compliance and if any copyright fees need to be paid. These fees, if required, are paid by the library, not the patron. If the request does not meet compliance or exceeds maximum cost allowed, the request will be canceled.

Awaiting Conditional Request Processing

The request has been sent to a lending library, but the lender has provided conditions to borrow prior to shipping the item. We may either agree to the conditions or seek other lenders.

Awaiting Customer Contact

The request has arrived but is currently being processed in our office before it is brought down to the Circulation Department.

Awaiting Extensive Searching We were not immediately able to match your request to a lender, and the transaction has been forwarded to the ILL manager for further review. 

Awaiting Request Processing

The request has been submitted and is now ready to be searched and requested from potential lenders.

Awaiting Unfilled Processing

The request has been returned unfilled. ILL staff will continue searching for the item through our resources until all efforts have been exhausted.

Checked Out to Customer

The item is currently checked out to the patron.

Customer Notified via E-Mail

The item has arrived, has been processed by the ILL staff, and the patron has been notified of its availability via e-mail.  The item is ready to be picked up at the Healey Library Circulation Department.

Request Sent

Your request has been sent to a list of potential lenders and we are awaiting confirmation that one is able to supply it.  Sometimes there are only a few libraries to try, sometimes there are dozens or hundreds of libraries that own the same book. 

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