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A large collection of musical scores can be found on the 8th floor of Healey Library, with call numbers starting with the letter M. In browsing the shelves it is useful to know the call numbers for the complete works by a specific composer begin with M3, followed by the first letter of the composer's name. For example, the most recent complete edition of the works of Johann Sebastian Bach is found under the following general call number: M3.B1133 (Neue Bach Ausgabe).The most recent complete edition of the works of Mozart is shelved under the call number M3.M896 (Neue Mozart Ausgabe). Similar collected editions exist for most major composers.

Collections or anthologies of scores that sample works from a specific time period (such as the middle ages) or by composers from a specific geographical region have call numbers that begin with M2, followed by the first letter of the anthology's title. For example, a large collection sampling a wide variety music by German composers (including sample works by Johann Adolph Hasse, Dietrich Buxtehude, Hans Leo Hassler, and many others) was published in the collection Denkmaeler Deutscher Tonkunst (Monuments of German Music). Accordingly, these scores all begin with the call number M2.D39.

Yale University Library has a good research guide, Finding Scores Online, that can help you find scores and sheet music online.

Scores - Editions

The Music Research: Scores web page at Central Michigan University provides useful definitions of the various score formats and also defines the different score editions (facsimlie; urtext; historical; etc.). Under Browse the shelves, there is an outline of the M classification scheme, which can be helpful in locating genres of music on the library's shelves. 

A more complete discussion of these editions may be found in Grove Online (access via Oxford Music Online) under such subject entries as Editions, historical and Urtext. The Bibliography section of the Historical editions entry attempts to list all of the major historical editions of composers works; those that are complete and those still in progress.


Jelly Roll Morton. Music score for

Tips for using UMBrella to locate scores at Healey Library


  • To find a score: Try an "Author" search using the composer's name, last name first (the result will be everything by the composer: scores, books, recordings, etc.) OR
  • Try a "Title" search using the name of the composition, omitting any leading articles (a's and the's; e.g. Art of the Fugue, not The Art of the Fugue). OR
  • Limit search results to only show scores by clicking Show More under Material Type, then selecting Scores

Scores and Sheet Music Available Online

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