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Remote Access to Library Resources via OpenAthens

This guide provides information for remote access to UMB online library resources via OpenAthens. OpenAthens was launched on June 21, 2022.

Best Practice for Linking

To comply with vendor licensing agreements and accessibility best practices, please link directly to electronic content rather than posting downloaded files, such as pdfs. 

Persistent Links/URLs are the best way to link to library resources.

  • The URLs from the address bar may work temporarily but are likely to be inaccessible at a later date or from off campus. Don't copy the URL from the address bar unless instructed. 
  • Also called durable, permanent, stable, standalone link, document URL, or permalink
  • Typically contain UMB information in the URL so the resource will know to route you through UMB access.
  • Some databases provide persistent links with this information in the URL and others do not

Update Your URLs for OpenAthens

With OpenAthens authentication, the syntax for the links to library resources has changed. If you have any persistent links/URLs with the term, ,saved or bookmarked or shared on your reading lists, you will need to update them (unless they're one of the handful of resources remaining on ezproxy).

Many of the old EZproxy links will continue working until January 2024, but we suggest that you update your links as soon as possible, especially since there are several popular resources that can no longer use ezproxy.

Use the Athenizer Tool below to strip out the ezproxy string and add the OpenAthens prefix:

Athenizer (Remove and Add OpenAthens prefix)


Test out your links before sharing or posting them!

The URLs will be encoded (which means, certain special characters will be replaced by percentage signs and codes), which is best practice, but not necessary in most cases. Keep in mind that there are some content providers which won't work with the tool since they don’t use the OpenAthens prefix.  EBSCO, Gale, Kanopy, Proquest (except Pivot, History Vault, and African American Heritage), Proquest Ebook Central, Digital Theatre Plus, and Skillsoft URLS will not be using any sort of prefix.  In those cases, try taking out the proxy with our Deproxifier:

Deproxifier (Just remove

Use the Deproxifier to remove the from old proxied URL.



How To Create Persistent Links

Create persistent links to databases

Find the Share icon beside the database and copy the link provided.  

Create persistent links for books, articles, films

One way is to find the resource in UMBrella and use the “Permalink” option. This link will point to the UMBrella record, which will have the most up-to-date links. Your permalinks do not have to be updated with the switch to OpenAthens. 


Some publishers and content providers provide persistent links. Find where they are in the below chart.

If the publisher/content provider isn’t listed, it is usually pretty safe to just copy the url from the address bar and to make it work off-campus, prefix it with the OpenAthens prefix (unless they're one of the handful of resources remaining on ezproxy):

 For example:

Or use our handy Athenizer tool!  


Linking Instructions

Alexander Street Press

Click on Share Button and get the permalink. 

BrowZine Journals & Subjects

Copy the URL in the address (navigation) bar.

Credo Article

Click on the link icon in the toolbar and copy the URL

Credo Books

Click on the link icon in the toolbar and copy the URL

Digital Theatre Plus

Do not use any sort of prefixes here! 

The most recommended method is to copy the permalink from the UMBrella record for the video. if you copy the URL from the browse, be sure to let users know they can click on the sign in button on the Digital Theatre Plus site, type in their UMB email and click Next so they can be sent to the UMB login screen.  

The links in UMBrella are specially constructed to bring users directly to the UMB screen, which is why we recommend that. 


A digital object identifier (DOI) can be used to link to electronic articles. Add following URL to the beginning of the DOI[DOI]

Ebook Central Books

Click on Share Link to Book on the left side menu

Ebook Central Book Chapters & Pages

Click on the Share Link icon in the toolbar from any chapter or page in the book

EBSCO Articles, Books & Journals

Click on Permalink under Tools on the right side of the screen and copy the URL.

EBSCO Search

Click on the Share button then copy the Permalink at the bottom of the window

EBSCO Flipster Copy and paste the URL from the browser address bar.  No need to add any sort of prefix.  

Films on Demand - Videos 

Click on Embed/Link underneath the video and copy the Record URL

Films on Demand -Collections

Select a collection and a Page Link will appear to the left of the collection name

Gale Databases

Click on Get Link on the right

Google Scholar Searches

Copy the URL in the address (navigation) bar

Journal Finder

Click on Permalink under journal information and copy the permalink.


Copy the URL under Remote Access URL on the right. 


Click on Share underneath the video and copy link

NexisUni - Articles & Sources

Copy document URL found in the “Actions” link next to the article title. Copy “link to this page” and add prefix, 

Oxford Music, Art, Handbooks, Scholarship Online

Copy the DOI link under the title and publication information and add prefix,

Ovid Articles

Click the Email Jumpstart above the article. Copy the Jumpstart URL and add prefix,


Copy Document URL which is located under the Abstract or Details tab

ProQuest Search

Go to Recent Searches and select Actions, next to the search. Select Get link and copy.


Copy the URL in the address (navigation) bar


After launching the book, click on share button and copy the link either directly to the section or summary page.

UMBrella Records

Click on Permalink under Send to in the middle of the item record screen and copy the URL

WorldCat Records

Click on Share link on the item record and copy the URL.


OpenAthens Linking Exceptions

No Prefix Please!

For the following databases, do not add any prefix. They will use the account/institution information in the link to prompt authentication. If you need to remove from an old link, use our Deproxifier

We recommend the database platforms' built-in persistent link tools, which are typically accompanied by the label, permalink or share link. These persistent links will typically have account info in them.

EBSCO authtype=ip,shib&custid=s5071694
Gale mlin_b_umass
Kanopy umb (except Pivot, History Vault, and African American Heritage, which still need prefixes) accountid=28932
Proquest Ebook Central umboston
Skillsoft umb
Digital Theatre Plus no account info.  Users can just log in with their UMB email.
Boston Business Journal username/password resource. Use the following link: Boston Business Journal
Vimeo-hosted videos username/password resource. Use the UMBrella link.  
Healey Library | University of Massachusetts Boston | 100 Morrissey Blvd | Boston, MA | 02125-3393 | 617-287-5900