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Module 2: Finding Books

How Do I Find My Books?

Once you have your book call numbers, the next step to figure out is on what floor of the library will you find them.

Let's review...

The following call numbers are in order:

call numbers in order

When a call number looks like the examples above, the book is shelved in Healey Library's Main Stacks

How do you know?  Because when you searched UMBrella for your book, it provided a location that follows the words "Available at"

usually in the Main Stacks which are on floors 8 & 9 of the library. 

Main Stack Call numbers beginning with:

  • A-NC     8th Floor
  • ND-Z     9th Floor

The book represented in the Holdings Information box directly above would be on the 9th floor of Healey Library. 

Main Stacks call numbers beginning with PS fall between call numbers beginning with ND-Z.

Some call numbers, however, are preceded by a location prefix.

  • Reference books are located on the 4th floor,

  • Books in Archives are located on the 5th floor
  • Curriculum material from the Curriculum Resource Collection is on the 4th floor
  • Oversized books are on the 9th floor
  • Journals are on the 6th floor, 


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