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Module 2: Finding Books

How do I filter my search results?

Using Filters

This box will walk you through many of the options you have to filter your search results. All of these options can be found on the left side of the UMBrella search interface. Scroll through to see how you can make your search more precise.

Include results outside the library's subscription

By default, UMBrella only searches items owned by the Healey Library or available through open access. If you have trouble finding enough relevant results, or need to do a more comprehensive search, check this box to include items in your search that you can request through InterLibrary Loan.

Sort By

This filter will give you the option to choose how your results are organized by selecting which results are displayed first. The options are:

  • Relevance - The results determined to be most relevant are displayed first (based on its relevance algorithm)
  • Date-newest - The most recent items are displayed first
  • Date-oldest - The least recent items are displayed first
  • Author - The results are organized alphabetically by the author's name
  • Title - The results are organized alphabetically by the title of the document


Click on a category under this option to show only those resources. Some useful options are:

  • Physical Items - books and other physical materials located in the Healey Library
  • Full Text Online - limit results to articles, books, videos, etc that are accessible online
  • Peer-reviewed Journals - limit results to articles published in peer-reviewed (scholarly) journals 

Any category you include/exclude will appear under “Active Filters” at the top of the Sort and Filter Results area. Categories that are included will be in black letters, while categories that are excluded will be in red letters with a line through them. Remove any category included or excluded by clicking on the X in the appropriate bubble.

Material Type

Use this filter to identify the type(s) of materials you want. Some useful options include:

  • Books
  • Articles
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Video
  • Reference Entries

To exclude a “Material Type” category, hover over the option and click on the red slashed checkmark that appears to the right of the option. A “Material Type” option will not appear if there are no corresponding items in your results.

Publication Date

Specify a publication date range for your search results by using the scrolling arrows next to the dates or clicking in the date boxes to type in different years.

NOTE: The dates listed do not necessarily represent options present in your search results. In other words, there may not actually be a document from the year 1700 in the example above. This limit works best to specify which date range you want, i.e. materials published within the last ten years.


This allows you to limit results by choosing a subject for your search. The subject area is a great place to look for additional words/phrases that you can use in your searches.

NOTE: These subjects are drawn from several different databases and are not standardized, so you may limit your results to one particular source (such as materials from a medical database) if you select certain subjects.


This option allows you to select results by a particular author/creator. Keep in mind that this may include corporate/organizational authors, and not just specific individuals.

Location Filter


Location - Allows you to choose/exclude different library locations. This feature is useful if you are looking for an item shelved in a particular area (ex. Curriculum Stacks, Reserves)


This option can allows you to specify which language your material is written in. The language options displayed only lists the languages found in your search results.

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