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Ebook Central

Alternative names: Ebrary, Ebook Library, EBL


Ebook Central contains the full text of more than 500,000 ebooks, all from academic publishers. It includes a diverse collection of nonfiction and fiction titles, encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks,   and other reference works. 

Quick Tips

Note: Some ebooks have limited access. Look at the Availability section found in the main section of the book details page for information on how many copies of the ebook are available. If all copies are in use, you will not be able to read the ebook.

The Availability section also includes information on copy and print chapter and page allowances in addition to whether the ebook is available for download.



Accessibility: Not all screen-reader software is compatible with ebook Central books. Students should contact the Ross Center or the Adaptive Computing Lab if they are in need of assistance.

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