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NURSNG 601: Introduction to Advanced Practice Nursing: Knowledge for Practice in the Global Community

Vulnerable Groups Short Paper

Based on Flaskerud and Winslow (1997), choose a vulnerable group that is of interest to you. Write a short paper describing the group, what makes them vulnerable, and implications for nursing practice.

  • Purpose: To identify the contribution of APRN practice in caring for a selected vulnerable group.
  • Details: 1-2 pages in length with correctly cited APA in-text references; reference page according to APA. Demonstrate clarity of writing, correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Introduction: Summarize a vulnerable or underserved group that is of interest to you; include pertinent demographics of the population.
  • Application: Provide an example of a health-related concern that the vulnerable group is at risk for experiencing. Identify one nursing intervention that is appropriate for this group’s health related concern.

Reference: Flaskerud, J., & Winslow, B. (1998). Conceptualizing vulnerable populations health-related research. Nursing Research, 47(2), 69-78.

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