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INSDSG 602: The Adult as Learner -- Bellnier

VIDEO: Criticism of the Andragogy vs. Pedagogy Debate [~7 min]

Note that the video clip mentions a bunch of different theorists and theories - don't worry so much about them now, rather listen for the arguments in the clip.



UOIT. (2014). Criticism of the Andragogy vs. Pedagogy [YouTube Video]. In YouTube.

While theories examine the nuance of the differences between andragogy (adult learning principles) from pedagogy (child learning principles), in practice the lines are, perhaps, less critical, than the guidance in things to consider when aiming to understand a specific audience you are designing for. In fact, very often, the term pedagogy is used to apply to all types of learners, especially by non-practitioners of design. Why do you think that might be?


Andragogy vs Pedagogy

Clark Quinn, who has been speaking on learning and technology for decades (even back when *I* was learning about instructional design!!). In this short blog post, he outlines one reason why the line between androgogy and pedagogy is blurred at best, and problematic at times. As you move into discussions of topics like “online learning” or “effective teaching”, you may see the kind of broad brush statements that Quinn highlights here.

Clark. (2021, April 13). Andragogy vs Pedagogy : Learnlets. Learnlets. 


Does Cognitive Load Impact Equity in Higher Ed

Every Learner Everywhere is a recently created collaboration of several notable online learning organizations to identify and address inequity. Many of the recommendations here are ones you may see in online course quality measures in higher education (e.g., Quality Matters, Online Learning Consortium/SUNY OSCQR). Those measures often do not include the support for their quality statements. This should put some of them into theoretical context.

Baker, P. (2021, June 8). Does Cognitive Load Impact Equity in Higher Ed?: An Intro to Cognitive Load Theory. Every Learner Everywhere. 

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